Stonehenge Investment Partners

About Us

Stonehenge Investment Partners is a premier Asia and U.S.-based boutique private equity and advisory firm focused on providing real estate investment management and advisory services and M&A corporate and strategic advisory services to (a) real estate investors based in Asia, the United States and the Middle East, (b) private firms seeking financing ranging from private equity,  joint-ventures and M&A, and (c) family offices seeking to deploy capital and structure for succession and tax efficiency purposes.

Stonehenge Investment Partners fulfills a void not filled by the large private equity firms and  investment banks particularly for mid-market entrepreneurs and corporations or family offices that have not yet reached the critical size for mainstream public investors. 

The firm and its principals have proven  their success by closing over USD 2 billion of  real estate, financing and fund raising transactions on behalf of its global client base.

Stonehenge Investment Partners has a mission to act as a fiduciary to its clients and to provide excellent customer service for reasonable and fair compensation.